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Story of Hong Kong is in our veins.


Hong Kong people’s eager demand for home ownership began to sprout in the 1960s. Mr. Chan Kam Wing, the founder of He Hsin Long Group, was optimistic about the renovation and construction materials industry. He started as a wage earner and founded He Hsin Long Group from scratch in 1968, dealing in ceramic tiles and sanitary wares. The RQE PPS (Reasonable Price, Quality Products and Excellent Service) has been He Hsin Long’s way of doing business ever since.

In the 1980s, the demand for home ownership was on the increase, and He Hsin Long Group rode the trend. Whence, we opened several stores in the booming areas on Portland Street in Mong Kok and on Lockhart Road in Wan Chai. Most of the stores provided one-stop service offering various ceramic tiles and sanitary wares under a single store front, allowing easy accessibility for tightly-scheduled Hong Kong citizens with renovative needs.

In response to the continued increase in Hong Kong’s living standards, He Hsin Long Group began to directly introduce high-quality European brand-name products from the 1980s in addition to opening branches.


On the other hand, it has also been looking for cost-effective brand names from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Southeast Asia to meet the actual needs of different customers with a variety of product styles.

In recent years, wood-grained ceramic tiles have become sought-after as the minimalist style resembling the Nordic home style – They are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. Therefore, He Hsin Long Group has actively introduced high-quality wood-grained ceramic tiles from reputed manufacturers including the Italian names Tuscania, Rondine, and Panaria, and Spanish names like Colorkes and Navarti. We offer our customers a wider range of more diversified, more tasteful and more cost-effective products on the wood-grained tile market.

In the blink of an eye, He Hsin Long Group has stepped through its 50th anniversary. Having experienced trials and tribulations for five decades, we understand that it has never been easy to make a living in Hong Kong in any time and age. Thus, with our RQE PPS goal in mind, it is our heartfelt desire to help the families of Hong Kong to lead a peaceful and prosperous life.